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There are some things that will never be written

Many of these things should be

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I love to travel, cook, create web pages, take pictures, be left alone, be surrounded by people I love, study and learn as much as I can while I'm living life.

One of a kind

I keep a lot to myself, sometimes share my thoughts or experiences on this journal. Do not think that because you have read any of my blogs that you know who I am - preconceptions will just keep you ignorant. I am constantly working on myself, aspire to be enlightened and experience life to its fullest. I love the smell of wet concrete and the texture and color of peeling paint on dilapidated walls, I enjoy the sound of birds in the spring and the silence of the winter. There's more there's always more, and then there's less. I am human you know.
acrylic paint, amish people, anti-guns, bad hair cuts, bad poetry, bath bombs, bath salts, bats, birds, bosnia, brick buildings, bubble baths, candles, cape town, carnivorous plants, caves, champagne baths, chinese food, chocolate beer, chopsticks, christmas lights, circus, clowns, collage art, contact mics, corsets, costume jewelry, cotton candy, dancing, devo, drag queens, drunk cab rides, eighties, einkaufen, electric strings, electrical tape, europe, fall, fashion, fetish clothing, fingers, finland, fire, fire dancers, fledermaus, florence, flowers, fluffy pillows, fog, foreign cultures, foreign languages, furry handcuffs, gasoline, german, glitter, graffiti art, green tea, gypsies, haunted houses, hawaii, heavy beats, holey water, horror, horror movies, horror stories, hot air balloons, hot yoga, ice hotel, iikka, industrial areas, italy, john waters, kerry park, kolibri, lieben, lilies, lounges, lovers, malta, men in uniforms, milk baths, mine, modern art, monogamy, music, my family, nackedei, nature, new york, no fibbing, noise, nudity, odd nerdrum, old trees, paddle boats, pasta, perfume, phobias, photographs, piercings, psychosis, pyramid, pyramid in bosnia, rain forests, rain in seattle, red walls, reflections, roller coasters, roses, sailors, satire, sewing, sg, shoes, silence, silly people, silver, socks, spray paint, strange animals, strike anywhere matches, summer, surreal films, surrealism, swimming, tea, texture, the autobahn, the bamboo garden, the bran flakes, the mac counter, the mercury, the ocean, trains, traveling, trying new things, undergrounds, unusual candy, velvet, venice, views, volcanoes, weddings, wine