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This is a complete outrage!

Holy fucking shitballs? REALLY? They are going to cancel the 12th grade so they can put pregnant (or recently pregnant) women behind bars?!

It has not gone unnoticed that consideration of the bill, with the potentially high costs it would entail, has coincided with a debate on cancelling the last year of school for Utah children to help to save the state money.



Dear anonymous,

Scher dich zum teufel.

Liebe gross,


He's cheating on me really?

Do you have anything else to say anonymous? Maybe your name? Maybe with who and why?



*edited to add*
iikka.the.finn: Hmm... I think that the first message is in Finnish but the letters with dots on them have been replaced with ?'s.. and it's misspelled

me: what is it supposed to say?
Sent at 2:51 PM on Friday

iikka.the.finn: I think that "So pet??? Sua" is supposed to be "Se pettää sua".. which would mean "it cheats on you"

me: This was my guess... poor broken Finnish or a mockery of the language itself.

iikka.the.finn: and "Lykky?? tyk??" could be "Lykkyä tykö" which is kind of an archaic expression for "good luck"
but the number of ?'s doesn't quite add up
Sent at 2:54 PM on Friday

me: The only spiteful person who stalks my lj and could come close to making and educated guess in your language would be _________.
Sent at 2:55 PM on Friday

me: She must be really bored and it's sad that she can't get over her jealousy and realize that I'm a cool person. We could have been frens.. oh well.

On that note anonymous, you would have been better off just sending all of your messages in English. Instead of half Finngrish.
Info on Turandot

This will be amazing, I can't wait for our road trip through Finland! Greece will be nice too, we only have one confirmed day trip to Turkey so far. I think that the rest of the time in Greece will be unplanned urban exploration in Athens and lying around on the beach in Rhodes. This will be the vacation we really need after the wedding.

I'm so excited!

Oh, and my in laws are flying in this Saturday. They've never been to the US before, this will be interesting! At least I have a sauna in my building to make them feel more at home.




Check it out! This is the one I chose, hope to see some of you there!

ZOMG best party of my life like EVER.

Once I get time to post, I'll give you more details.

For now, just a big THANK YOU to all the lovely ladies who came out on Saturday. Also, to my honey bunny (a.k.a hanipupu ) for all the love and furry affection (yes Sakinah we're that kinky!) .

My mother and my best friend are throwing me a bridal shower/party extravaganza this Saturday. It appears as if they have gone out of their way to organize this and I am very grateful. It's really foreign to me because I haven't even had a birthday party for myself other than the typical 'hey it's my birthday, lets go drink at the club'. I'm used to organizing parties for my friends or lovers, just never myself. I've never had a party organized so nicely just for me. *kicks dirt* It's slightly overwhelming honestly, and my girlfriends are acting all a buzz. What the hell..♥ u ladies

I have to admit weddings are very stressful to plan and you go through another rough patch of figuring out who your real friends are (or at least the ones who could use a little sensitivity training). It's as if every person who ever wanted a chance to take a jab at you when you were down does, and every person who has ever hated weddings, had a bad marriage, or has a problem with your marriage... will make sure you are painfully aware of their issues. They even go as far as trying to make them your own (yay). Seriously cluing myself in on why women turn into bridezillas now. *lol*

For example if you receive and invitation and are unable to attend, please check the little box marked regretfully unable to attend, or write NOT coming on the card - and mail it back. Please do NOT send me dozens of text messages, msn messages, or hurtful emails explaining how important it is that you do something else, or throw a fit and explain that you will not come because 'Jane Doe, Billy Bob' will or will not be attending. This is incredibly juvenile and just adds unnecessary stress. I am already planning a large party for 200 people, this is a sufficient amount of stress thank you.

Something positive: Weddings are amazing in the sense that you really get a chance to pull as many strange people together from all areas in your life (i.e. work, clubs, family, people who made you smile on the crosswalk @ 4th and Union 4 years ago). It's completely randomized and this is something I am a big fan of. I'm both excited and horrified at the same time. Please bare with me while I get it together.

Okay I think that I got a few things off of my chest that have been stressing me out. I'm on an endless mission to surround myself with creative, open minded people who are loving and treat each other with kindness. Sounds gay, but it's true. If I have removed anybody from blogs or stopped communicating with you. It's simply because you have not shown me the same respect, not out of hate or anger. I just want to be left alone by those who seem to have projected negativity or haste towards me in any way. I think that's a fair way to protect myself while experiencing the stress of my wedding and my brother's illness.




It's not called 'passive-aggressive' you moron it's called AVOIDANCE.

For the love of god leave me alone.


You can change your reality people, you can change the way you treat people and the way you live your life.

Think positive, seriously. Go outside and build a birdhouse or kick a pop can.